Yoga for Stress Management - Everything that you should know

How many times have you come back home all stressed out, mentally drained and completely fatigued? Doesn’t it keep you from doing the things that you have always wanted to do and being the person you want to be? Stress is as bad as any disease that makes you weak and ineffective which is why it is so important to treat it timely. The second question that comes to mind is what should be the correct procedure or method for treating stress. While there are undoubtedly a host of conventional treatment methods, you’d be surprised to know how effective yoga is as a cure for stress and mental pain / fatigue. This article will be a complete guide to everything that you would need to know about yoga as a therapy for stress management

As you know, stress can ruin your days, extract the happiness out of life. The following sections will aim to address how yoga can change your life for the better.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an easy to implement practice and as you already know, it I. 100% natural way of fixing the issues that plague you. Yoga equips you with a holistic and complete experience that helps you with an end to end solution. It helps your body with a slow but an excellent route to stimulating your physical and mental being.

Physical and mental benefits of doing Yoga for stress relief.

Just like the gym routine, a healthy yoga routine will help your body muscles active, improve blood flow and provide you with long term healthy well being.

Here is a list of physical benefits

  • Flexibility of muscles - The stretches exercising the wide range of body parts that are involved in the workout. The yoga workflow helps you with more flexibility.
  • Energy and respiration - Yoga helps you with correct respiration techniques that helps your body with the much needed oxygenation.
  • Blood circulation - Yoga helps your blood flow and helps you be fitter and healthier.
  • Holistic fitness - Yoga help you stay physical fit with the right set of asaans and regular upkeep.

List of mental benefits

The mental benefits is one that is at question here. What kind of benefits can we expect as a result of diligent yoga routines.

Yoga helps address the symptoms of stress, hypertension such as headaches, body aches, neck stiffness, back pain and more. Yoga helps increase relaxation of tensed muscles and aids the healing process. End to end

There are a large number of mental benefits of yoga that are a part of the yoga modules.

  • A significant reduction in stress
  • High level of focus and concentration
  • Boost in control and mental strength
  • Increased sense of self awareness
  • Less insomnia and large level of peacefulness
  • Enhance the speed of the mind and make you more efficient and productive
  • Calming of the mind

These benefits are holistic and are not only present for reducing stress, but they are also aimed at addressing an overall negative well being.

Yoga for beginners - using it as a tool to cure stress

Now it is quite possible that Yoga is new to you. You are aware of the benefits, you know it’s good for you but you do not have the right mindset to get started. Or perhaps, you do not know how to start. The next section will help you with getting ready with Yoga for stress. Do remember - Yoga is an accessory for you to become more aware of your own individual mind and sense of being. So, how do you get past that initial inertia of accepting yoga as a well defined regime to attack stress and related issues.

  • Take a trial class 
    If you are hesitant about enrolling for a full time class, it is perfectly understandable. You can start with a trial class at your nearby centre. You can use this to 1 - Check the quality of the class, the infrastructure and facilities. 2 - Check the teacher and see if he / she is a good instructor.  3 - Check out the peers to see if they are amiable and bring out a peaceful environment. Stay on the lookout for classes that are perfect for beginners that would slowly bring you up to speed with the yoga schedule.
  • Take the plunge  
    It is perfectly normal to not get it right the first time. That should not keep you from doing the yoga exercises. Learn the asaanas, the postures. Make use of online videos and guides. You will get it right eventually. Clear your mind of negative thoughts and get started!
  • Focus on mind-body alignment 
    It is all so common to treat your mind and physical body as siloed entities. This negatively impacts your growth curve and retards the healing process. Yoga for tackling stress begins with the mind and your physical being must be simultaneously working in line with your mind for you to maximise gains.
    Once the above 3 points are addressed, you can then go in for a more full-time commitment to the yoga module.

4 yoga Asaanas for stress management - the yogic stress module (Use google images for every point)

To regularly do yoga and integrating yoga practice as a part of your everyday life can be an excellent way to alleviate stress, stay in great shape and relax the mind. However, when it comes to stress treatment, not every pose would give you success and provide you relief. Certain specific poses are found to be more effective when it comes to stress and tension relief.

Let’s get started with the ones that are extremely effective.

  • Garudasaana 
    Garudasaana is about focus.You stand on one leg and focus on a single point. This helps bring focus and relaxes your upper torso. This includes your shoulders and arms primarily. Stress tends to stuff itself into pockets of your body like your back and shoulders. Yoga helps to entangle the knots that are formed as a result of heightened stress.
  • Vajrasana 
    This pose helps you relax and destress. It also helps in certain digestive ailments.
  • Sukhasana 
    Sukhasana is a forward bend yoga that relaxes your muscles. Sit in an easy pose, shins crossed with your right shin in front and relax.
  • Halasaana 
    Halasana is also called the plow pose. It is extremely beneficial for the head, neck, back as well.

Summing up

Stress tends to manifest in our bodies in many ways. The ain can be both internal and external. Stress tends to accumulate in the body in pockets that make it extremely difficult for us to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. Yoga and yogic therapy provides a natural route to full-time cure against stress, acting against both the physical and mental duress associated. We hope this guide helps you with the right direction towards treating stress. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below