Online Yoga Classes: To do or not to do

Yoga is an ancient science which facilitates the health and well-being of an individual. It is a timeless wisdom which can be applied to any life situation. Yoga focuses on individual development, which in turn, results in the development of the community at large.

The purpose of sharing this knowledge of Yoga is to build upon human consciousness from one generation to another. Usually propounded under the direct guidance of a Master or Guru, yoga is rapidly gaining its place amongst the online community. Although an efficient medium for quick transmission of information and ideas, the online network still has its own limitations. Though adept with the informative aspects, online learning lacks the experiential component when it comes to the mystical dimensions of life. It is important to learn yoga in the presence of a guru as the mere presence of a guru can help you get a flavor of what lies on this journey of self-realization. A guru is someone who can show you life for the phenomenon that it is, which is usually concealed by the veil of ignorance. An opportunity which is only accessible to the human race on this planet, must be explored and exploited atleast once by every individual who has come here as a human being. It has a vast potential to transform the human experience to a different level altogether.

Therefore, if you seriously wish to explore this path, just twisting your body in front of the computer screen will not do justice to your longing for the infinite. So get up from your cozy beds and make an effort to find yourself someone who can really be a guiding light in this quest for ultimate freedom and truth.

In a nutshell, it is good to go for online yoga classes in order to scratch the surface, but if you wish to go beyond testing the waters and have the vigour to dive deep into this subject, it is imperative that you find yourself a Guru who inspires, and more importantly, contributes towards your spiritual growth like no one else has done so far!