Indian Tourism: It Takes a Nation to Change Its Condition

One of the oldest civilizations of the world, Harappa, originated in India. And since then, the country has seen different ages, dynasties, kingdoms, and rulers go by one after the other, leaving marks of their presence on its land. The deep history of the nation gives it a varied cultural heritage that ranges from ancient history to modern colonial history. Moreover, India is one of the most geographically diverse nations in the world. It has islands, mountains, deserts, coasts, plateau, and plains. The combination of its dense cultural background and the diverse geography makes India one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

However, since getting freedom in 1947, Indian tourism has not reached its true potential. This can be due to several different factors that may range from political to social to environmental. However, to get the most out of the Indian tourism sector, we Indians will have to take initiative. After all, it takes a nation to change its condition.

1. Promote Cleanliness: One of the biggest factors that may be a turn off for the tourists is the disregard for cleanliness. The aftermath of our activities at the popular monuments is quite ugly because of the littering done by the visitors and lack of maintenance. In order to turn this around, the people will have to step up and make sure that there is no littering and proper waste disposal systems are put in place. Inculcating the habit of having a clean environment will attract more people to our country. It will also make living here a more pleasant experience. A cleaner environment can help enhance the beauty of our already culturally rich and colorful nation.

2. Be More Socially Accepting: India is a diverse nation with people from different backgrounds. While the majority of the people are welcoming and warm, there is a small section that often causes problems because of prejudices. These acts of hatred can not only scare the tourists away but can also damage the reputation of the nation as a whole. In order to combat such problems from this small section of society, people will have to become more welcoming. We are a part of a nation that considers its guests a form of god. It is time we start treating them the same way. It is important to put out the message of love and care so that the visitors from the rest of the world feel welcomed and secure to fully enjoy their stay in our country.

India is the seventh-largest nation in the world with the second largest population. Unpleasant elements are bound to be a part of it. However, the positives outweigh the negatives by a large margin. We, the people of this nation will have to come together and take the onus to create an environment that not only looks beautiful but also feels warm, pleasant and well-protected.