India and China: How to tackle the expansionist behavior of the dragon!

With all due respect to time, let’s start the story from 1947, an era when we used to say, “Hindi Cheeni Bhai Bhai”, which translates to, ‘Long Live the Indo-Chinese Camaraderie’.

Today, the situation is quite oxymoronic. We have almost seen a resurgence of the East India Company in Arunachal Pradesh and some other territories of India. The issue is so pressing, that it needs immediate government attention, especially post the honorable achievement of the revocation of Article 370.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. How to tackle the expansionist behavior of China? Before we do that, let’s just understand China’s real motives behind such brutal actions. It’s nothing new, it has been done by Europe in the last millennium, also by Alexander “The Great”, a couple of millenniums before that, and the list goes on like that. Whenever there is disrespect for the law, whenever the negative forces overpower the powerful, such events become inevitable. The solution lies in understanding the past and playing it smart in the present and future. China is a country that is transforming itself to the role of a Global Leader, many thanks to the man currently jerking off in the white house. But all this gloominess can be a silver lining for India to strengthen and regain its long lost primordial role in global affairs. India needs to leverage its position of being one of the most strongly emerging neighbors which can keep a check on China’s dominance in the world. If understood correctly, this position gives India the much-needed bargaining power in negotiating arms deals with the USA. According to a Research Paper, India is so perfectly placed between China and the US, that it can reduce its annual import bill by at least 2%, which amounts to 88 billion USD (Rs.6,28,741 crores). Along with this, India must become extremely stringent in the sub-continent geopolitics. A policy of ‘Doing trade with China on Indian terms or No Trade At All’ must be adopted with immediate effect. Maybe this will keep the dragon at bay and let the golden sparrow rise to glory all over again. Jai Hind!