Fighting Depression? Here’s How Yoga Can Help You Fight Better

Depression is a mental disorder that leads to a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest in regular activities of day to day life. The complicated living of today’s modern world can induce a lot of stress in peoples’ lives. The overwhelming stress of home, job, education, money, relationships, etc. can be a major cause of depression. To fight this condition, the first step is to accept that one is suffering from it. There are several methods that can help treat the disorder. One of the most effective methods is Yoga. Yoga is a gentle form of workout that combines meditation and controlled body movements. In the battle against depression, here is how yoga can be an effective tool that can help you win:

1. Helps Reduce Stress:  More recent studies suggest that practicing yoga on a regular basis can significantly reduce stress in people’s lives. Yoga helps in balancing the chemicals in our brains. This helps in bringing the level of stress to a significantly low level. 

2: Helps Fight Anxiety: Deep breathing and meditation are two major components of yoga. It has been proven time and time again that meditation helps calm people down and reduce their anxiety levels. Mindful meditation with yoga can help people experience moment to moment awareness. This helps people forget about their worries and teaches them to live in the moment and relax.

3. Induces Endorphins: As humans, we are genetically programmed to perform physical activities. Therefore, whenever we exercise, it released endorphins in our brains. Endorphins are hormones that help the brain to reduce the perception of physical and mental pain in order to keep the task going. Its effects are similar to that of drugs like morphine. It helps individuals relax and feel happy.

4. Helps Maintain Fitness: Obesity and bad health are some of the leading causes of depression in society. Yoga helps you feel fit and healthy. It increases the energy level in people and keeps their minds sharp. The fluidity and quite helps not only improve your flexibility; it also gives you strength, both mentally and physically.

Currently, yoga is recommended as a side treatment for stress anxiety and depression. However, with new researched being done on a daily basis, it is coming closer to becoming the recommended treatment to the mental disorder. This ancient Indian workout technique is gaining popularity all around the world including the modern west. People have started to take notice of one of India’s biggest contributions to the world. It not only helps people fight depression but also helps them become calm and balanced in their regular life.

Also, since it is one of the very few treatments that people undergo, with or without any disorders or diseases, Yoga is now slowly becoming a part of people's daily routine even in remote corners of the world.