Eating Healthy

A vast majority of people in India think that they can ignore what goes on their plate just because they exercise regularly. Or, people who are naturally thin don’t have to watch what they eat. Unfortunately, trading an hour in the gym for an unhealthy meal or depending upon a good metabolism to take the place of healthy eating habits does not equate to living a healthy lifestyle.

Interestingly, most of us have it in the back of our minds that we are eating to fuel our bodies, but we make our food choices based on the likes of our taste buds instead of health. Also, our enjoyment does not end at eating unhealthy food, and it takes us down the forbidden path of over-eating. In today’s time, many people do not even know how great it feels to eat a healthy meal, because they have been making bad food choices for too long.

In order to get out of this vicious cycle of toxic eating habits, we need to realize a few facts and take some smart decisions. The first step here would be to understand the fundamentals of why our body ‘needs’ food? Humans need to eat to supply their bodies with nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. These in turn then supply the body with fuel for energy, help in growth, aid tissue repair and more. However, if not supplied with the right kinds of nutrients, the body, similar to a motor engine, will start choking and breaking down. Neglecting healthy eating habits, thus, not only makes us overweight or obese but also runs the risk of depression, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, bowel complications and much more.

After establishing the fact that inculcating healthy eating habits is worthwhile, it’s time to act upon the decision. The most important thing that we need to do is to come up with one new healthy eating habit every day and put it to good use.

These habits can be small lifestyle changes like drinking more water or eating at least two fruits a day. Also, instead of cutting out all the bad food at once, it’s much easier and safer to add more healthy foods progressively.

However, finding out what needs to be done is much easier than discovering how this difficult goal will be achieved. In order to make healthy eating a part of our lives, we need to set specific, measurable, achievable and realistic goals.

For instance, it might get difficult to follow eating more vegetables or fruits, but it’s easier to set a goal of filling at least ¼ of our plate with them.

Similarly, it’s easier to measure progress on a tracking app than to set a goal of just walking every day.

Apart from these, the goal also needs to be attainable and time-bound. If the goal is impossible to attain, one might lose motivation after some time. Since goals without starting points and deadlines are easier to put-off, we must set goals with timely progressions, layoffs, and celebrations.

Which goal are you going to set this festive season? Do let us know in the comment section below.