Channelizing The Force of Anger: Control The Energies

Control is one thing that most of us wish to have in our lives, be it on our wealth, destiny, health or happiness. Along with other things we remain in a constant tussle with life to have as much control as possible, on as many things as we can.

However, there is one thing that a vast majority of people have no control on : anger. In fact in some situations, it is anger that controls us. According to the British Association of Anger Management, 65% of office workers have experienced office rage, and 45% of workers regularly lose their temper at work.

While many experts highlight the grave danger that high-tech weaponry and technology constantly poses at the modern world, psychologists believe that the most harmful force known to humanity is raw, unleashed anger. It is the heat inside our body that can consume our love, rationality, and if suppressed for long, can even blow us up.

Understanding and controlling our anger is thus critical. It also plays a pivotal role in unlocking our willpower. And When dealt with in a responsible way, it can be transformed into a constructive and positive force.

There are a plethora of ways, suggested, tried and advocated by experts from different industries. A lot of people believe that what we eat determines who we essentially become. Certain types of food bring restlessness and tension in the mind and body, mainly non-vegetarian, spicy and oily food. While light, natural foods like fruits, vegetables and juices have proven to make us feel light and healthy. Thus according to nutrition and diet experts, one of the steady ways to reduce anger is to eat healthy.

The power of a well rested body and mind also determines its reactions. Tiredness and restlessness in our bodies can lead to stress, tension, and agitation in the mind. Good sleep, on the other hand, reduces the chances of you feeling agitated. Sleeping for at least 6-8 hours every day is therefore very important to reduce anger,

Regular and dedicated practice of yoga and meditation has also proven to be of great help to a lot of people. The yogic postures are not only great physical exercise but they also synchronize with our breath to increase our energy levels along with providing the much required physical stretches. Yoga removes stiffness from the body, which results in a relaxed and much more absorbent mind.

Furthermore, if you feel its is too much to start with, spare yourselves a few minutes every morning to start your day with Deep breaths. Flushing your organs and blood with fresh oxygen early in the morning is one of the best ways to start your day with.

However, if all these are not your choice of way to control your anger, you can come-up with your own, personal technique of dealing with this monster. Do tell us what worked for you. Your experience can be of help to all those who are trying hard to get rid of the evil anger. You can leave your story for us in the comment section below.