Leela Yoga is a chain of yoga studios that offer a variety of yoga classes and workshops. We conduct training programs which focus on bringing harmony between the mind and the body. The motive is to create higher consciousness and self-regulation in the individual. The company seeks to provide yoga techniques for self-development and physical well-being.

Yoga has innumerable branches and each branch has its own benefits. So, you do not necessarily have to practice all of the principles to experience the health benefits of yoga. You should consult trained professionals to know which yoga practice suits your lifestyle.

At Leela Yoga, we have experienced yoga instructors who train you by keeping all the safety measures in mind. Our yoga experts will give you the best yoga exercises which suit your specific lifestyle. You must not worry about safety, as that is one of our top priorities.

If you are practising yoga for the first time, you must keep these things in mind:

  • It is always recommended to practice yoga without eating anything.
  • Open the windows or doors to get fresh air and light while practising Yoga
  • Use the correct equipment & accessories including a comfortable yoga mat
  • Ensure your concentration is focused on the practice at hand. Do not worry about anything else.